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Invader zim: Hi-Skool (chapter 5)
"What do you mean?" Asked Gaz, shock finally in her voice.
"I am no longer an invader, or at least and Irken one. They lied to me for so many years, the Tallest they told me a lie to just get rid of me. They banished me to this filthy ball of- of- DIRT." He cried.
"They told me that if I ever contacted them, or even tried to leave Earth they would kill me on the spot." He finished.
Gaz could not believe her ears, not an invader. Was lied to!  Gaz then could not help but ask, "Why are you telling me this?"
Zim looked at her deep into her eyes, his blue contacts dark and sad, "Because you're the only pig-smelly that I can trust.
Gaz felt the strange urge to smile again, but resisted. They both remained silently staring at each other, now with a new respect.
The computer broke the silence, "My lord, it is almost midnight. I suggest you get some rest, you will need it for skool tomorrow."
Zim nodded in agreement, "Yes, so do you Gaz."
Gaz yet again was left in a state of shock; d
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Invader zim: Hi-Skool (chapter 4)
Dib ran upstairs to his room, still stoked about the mysterious mysteries episode he had just witnessed.
He hurriedly put on his pajama pants, and took off his shirt. Then he sank into his bed.
Little did Dib know that his sister has not come home? He did not know he was home all alone.
He closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep, but hours pasted and his mind wound not drift off to sleep. The reason was that he could not empty his mind of the single thought that haunted his mind since elementary skool. The image in his mind never changing. It was Tak.
This thought keep him up endless hours of the night, and once he did fall asleep, it haunted his nightmares. Why? He would always wonder why was the only girl who ever listened to him, who never made fun of him, why did she have to be an Irken? Why could he just fall in love with a normal human girl, who was not destroyed in his fight to save the world?
Why was the only girl to hate Zim, have to be an alien?
Dib sighed; she agreed with him
:iconcutediepie:Cutediepie 8 9
Invader zim: Hi-Skool (chapter 3)
Zim sat on the floor; his purple bulbs of eyes looked sad and were down cased.  It's been weeks since he had set a single foot in the transmissions room, and he could not believe the state he left it in.
The transmissions screen, in which he used to talk to the tallest on, was broken, and dirty with dust and some sort of mashed potatoes.
The floor was now covered in batter, flour, and other things GIR carried around with him. Zim stood, no longer too much in shock to walk around.
He placed his three fingered hand on the screen and a lone tear began to run down his cheek. He stayed like that for a moment before tearing away his hand. The memories in his mind assaulted him with guilt sadness and regret. He could not believe what he had gone though, for just a petty lie.
"Zim needs no one." He said to himself, "Zim will show them. ZIM will show them that he isn't inferior, isn't insane!" He screamed.
He then kicked a wall and sat back down on the ground, rocking back and forth s
:iconcutediepie:Cutediepie 10 36
Invader zim: Hi-Skool (chapter 2)
GIR ran a riot in the living room; he was dancing and rolling on the floor, like a mad man. He was giggling devilishly to himself, and he even managed to make the computer laugh once or twice.
GIR then stood and silenced, because he heard his master yelling and screaming in the other room. It always made GIR sad to hear his master be like that.
GIR then ran to the front door, he was going to leave to go to one of his favorite clubs, but before he went out the door, something caught his eye.
The note that Zim, carelessly discarded, it was lying on the floor beside the trashcan. GIR smiled, and went over to pick up the note, because he was even curious to what the note said.
Gir then yelled, "I'ma gonna read this up!"
Then he picked up the note, and scurried to the sofa. He sat down excitedly, and laughed for reasons unknown.
He opened the note and started to read, his smile growing wider as the words progressed.
"Mastah needs to read this! It's so cute, aw Gazzy." He squirmed. He could
:iconcutediepie:Cutediepie 9 6
Invader zim: Hi-Skool (chapter 1)
Zim sat on the purple sofa that sat in the living room. His head was against the back of the sofa, and his eyes were closed. He then began to hum a strange tune.
GIR, who sat beside of him, was laughing and carrying on about The Angry Monkey show, and the other usual things he carry's on about.
Suddenly the room was silent, other than the purr of the TV. GIR stopped his bickering, and turned to Zim. There was a deep frown on his face, which was unusual for the tiny robot.
Finally GIR spoke, "Mastah? Why are yew so sad?" He asked.
Zim opened his eyes, and sat up, "It's nothing GIR. Just continue watching that disgusting show, and leave me ZIM, at peace." He then closed his eyes and rested once more.
GIR knew that he was not telling the truth, but he also knew he did not want to bother his master while he seemed sad, so Gir returned to his watching of the TV.
Suddenly the doorbell rang, and the security alarm went of, "WARNING, INTRUDER ALERT! UNATHERIZED PERSONEL IN YARD!" It rang.
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